About us - LON & GIN - By Brenda Anura Londoh

LON & GIN is a brand that originated from ‘ Land Below The Wind ‘ Sabah. Founded by Brenda Anura Londoh with a vision to be the leading pioneering brand that extends the engagement between diversity into lifestyle internationally. LON & GIN aim to be a better representative for real people’s voice and a safe platform of uniqueness where being different is accepted and celebrated. We believe, in order to make a change that last, we must celebrate diversity that will then create the culture of inclusion.

MISSION : To lead inclusive trends and to nurture and promote positive manner of life by making our products more sustainable, by creating a passionately creative and innovative squad, by investing in our core values for innovative product development and researches, by consistently promoting diversity in all our campaigns, and by building relationships with diverse creators, models, and spokespeople, as well as other brands that shares our similar values perspective.

Sustainability: Sustainability in business is a costly journey & it takes long and continuous effort at that, for a product to be sustainable, it must be possible to produce or consume it in a way that doesn’t result in harm or destruction. We strive to pursue sustainability in all its products & services.

Celebrating Diversity Movement: We strive to fulfil its vision to bring diversity internationally by creating a safe space & tool that welcome and celebrate differences.

Safe & ethically conducted product research & production: We strive to make sure all its product are safe & cruelty free of any form.


Brand Promise: We embrace diversity in our product & advocacy.

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