LON & GIN is a local brand from Sabah that championed diversity. Sophistication is our brand constant. We aim to represent real people’s voice through our products at the same raising awareness on mental well-being and environmental issues. Wanting to make an impact, We at LON & GIN believe, to make a change that last, we must celebrate diversity that will then create the culture of inclusion.

Mission: LON & GIN is synonymous with sophistication that is headed towards the culture of inclusion. Our mission is to inspire inclusivity trend, to design highly desirable and unparalleled product quality and to drive positive impact to the community by investing in like minded passionate people and innovative ideas.

Our Core Values


  1. We pursue sustainability.
  2. We pursue safe and ethical conduct in product research and development.
  3. We advocate in Celebrating Diversity Movement.
  4. We support mental wellbeing and self-care.
  5. We raise awareness on environmental issue.
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