Vision: LON & GIN is a local brand from Sabah, championing diversity with sophistication as our brand’s constant. We aim to embody the voices of real people through our products and have pledged 1% of all our sales to the Renaissance Fund Impact in our mission to combat poverty in Sabah. Eager to make a lasting impact, we at LON & GIN believe that celebrating diversity is the key to fostering a culture of inclusion.

Mission: LON & GIN is synonymous with sophistication that is headed towards the culture of inclusion. Our mission is to advocate and combat poverty which is relevant in our country, Malaysia and We are starting our work in Sabah, where the brand was born. We aspire to inspire inclusivity. We strive to consistently design highly desirable and unparalleled product quality and most importantly, we want to drive a remarkable and positive impact to the community by investing in like-minded passionate people and innovative ideas.

Our Core Values

  1. 1% of all sales goes to Renaissance Fund Impact to fight poverty.
  2. We advocate in Celebrating Diversity Movement.
  3. We support sustainability.
  4. We support safe and ethical conduct in product research and development.
  5. We support mental wellbeing and self-care.
  6. We raise awareness on environmental and humanitarian issue.
The story behind LON & GIN Symbol: A Fusion of Strength, Resilience, and Tenacity
Dive deep into the heart of LON & GIN, and you’ll find a symbol that’s more than just an emblem; it’s a narrative.
Drawing inspiration from the indomitable spirit of the Rungus and the fearless valor of the Vikings, our symbol embodies a unique blend of cultures, values, and languages.
It stands for the unparalleled ability to adapt, the fire of a relentless fighter, and the unwavering grit to persevere against all odds.
With every glance, be reminded of a legacy that champions adaptability, celebrates fierce determination, and honors the courage to never surrender.
In this emblem, LON & GIN encapsulates a message: 
Be adaptable, be fierce, and never, ever give up.
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