About Us

TOUCH By LON & GIN is breaking down unrealistic and narrow perspective of beauty mold. This is makeup made to enhance the uniqueness that set us apart from each other and make us one of a kind.

‘ An art to bring out your inner confidence to live ’

A Note From
Our Founder

TOUCH By LON & GIN was made to make a difference, it is more than just another beauty brand, I want to celebrate beauty, with absolutely no boundaries or limitations. I want to see and embrace diversity and uniqueness, at the same time not leaving mental health and our planet environmental issues behind.

Our Mission

We are on a lifetime commitment to help and raise a cause in celebrating diverse beauty. Promoting core values such as self acceptance, embracing uniqueness and seeing imperfections as strength, We want to represent voices, influence perspective and break down the unrealistic beauty standard by giving them safe access to makeup for their diverse beauty.

Our Vision

We want to be a brand that inclusively represent diverse beauty as well as creating a safe space for mental well being regardless of age, race, cultural background, gender, sexual orientation, physical & mental ability and perspective. We want to commit to diversifying the ideas of beauty, so no one will be left, unheard and unnoticed. It is time of arrival of a more expensive world, where all of us, individually, matter. We are all beautiful.

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