FALL-WINTER 2023 Collection

Get comfortably elegant with our exclusive pieces this season. Designed to accentuate and serve diverse body types, our latest silhouette also comes with many color selection. 

  • Tivo Linen Sets

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TIVO : The Essence of Comfort & Timeless Style

As the cool whispers of fall transition into winter’s embrace, we unveil a fabric narrative that seamlessly binds comfort with timeless elegance – introducing the TIVO Set Wear.

Crafted with exquisite linen, every stitch of the TIVO Collection tells a tale of unparalleled comfort and sophistication, echoing the heartbeats of the artisans who breathes life into each piece. It’s not just clothing; it’s a haven, offering a cocoon of warmth in the chilly months, all while epitomizing style.

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