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‘ An art to bring out your inner confidence to live ‘

TOUCH by LON & GIN is breaking down unrealistic and narrow perspective of beauty mould . This makeup made to enhance the uniqueness that set us apart from each other and make us one of a kind.


‘ Expressing diversity through fabrics ‘

MODE by LON & GIN, is a clothing line that serves diversity at its core. We aim to continuously break down fashion barriers by welcoming age, size, shapes, gender, beliefs inclusivity and beyond through our fashion.

We want to be the true fashion inclusive brand that offers stylish option for all.


‘ Accessories made for self acceptance ‘

ORNAMENTS by LON & GIN is an accessory line that was made to compliment every diverse look, as well as allowing them to express their true authentic self.

Starting the line through earring, and will be more in the future, we believe that ORNAMENTS is more than a jewellery, it means so much more as not everyone will have the same taste in choosing their piece. That to say, every piece is an individual, with their own uniqueness, created for self expression without having to explain. ORNAMENTS by LON & GIN is up to trend, different and a hundred percent, a statement.

LON & GIN CHARMS (Coming Soon)

‘ Embracing minimal self care & lifestyle ‘

CHARMS by LON & GIN , is a skincare & lifestyle line that believes in organic, safe & eco friendly values. We’re also in a lifetime commitment to pursue sustainability.

Starting the line with our all time favourite, organic soap – BAL’s Secret, and there will be more essential in the future. Organic soap is simply better for our skin, better for our environment, better for animals and also for our economy. Made truly for everyone as it

‘ Grants you the best version of your skin ‘ 

Trust the process & get the glow.

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